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Sustainable tailor-made bridges are sustainable because of the environmentally friendly manufacturing process but also due to the materials used. Low energy consumption during transportation, assembly and maintenance are also crucial aspects that contribute to the high level of sustainability of an FRP Bridge Deck. A sustainable bridge also has other characteristics, such as the option of full recycling.

As is the case with many of our FRP profiles, FRP Bridge Decks are often produced tailor-made. Regardless of use type, we will produce a unique bridge deck that meets all your requirements. Factors such as weather conditions, surface and location will not stop us meeting your wishes and requirements. In fact, the flexible properties of glass-fibre-reinforced plastics and wear-resistant surfaces make it possible to create a sustainable tailor-made bridge. We realise such bridges in-house. krafton®’s specialists will do everything, including production, treatment and application of wear-resistant surfaces, in-house. Thanks to the day and night production shifts our sustainable tailor-made bridges are delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

A tailor-made FRP bridge – working method 

Thanks to our sophisticated working method, you will receive a tailor-made FRP Bridge Deck that is completely tailored to your wishes and requirements. At krafton®, custom-made really means custom-made. In addition to the final delivered FRP Bridge Deck, the method is also tailor-made.

A tailor-made FRP Bridge Deck – features and benefits

A tailor-made FRP Bridge Deck comes with many benefits, including sustainable production and low energy consumption during transport, assembly and use. Our specialists have been aware of, and managed to assure, the 10 features and advantages of a sustainable FRP Bridge Deck for many years now. In this way, we not only ensure rapid commissioning of our tailor-made FRP Bridge Decks, but also contribute to making your assets more sustainable. 

Tailor-made FRP Bridges – Projects

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to deliver many beautiful tailor-made FRP bridges. For example, krafton® produced a newly constructed FRP pedestrian and fishing jetty in the historic Slotpark in Capelle aan den IJssel to promote the protected town and villagescape. We have also delivered numerous projects with FRP pedestrian and cycle bridges at home and abroad. For example, the German Municipality of Weilburg ordered a 360 m2 FRP Bridge deck for pedestrians, to be mounted on a slope. The Municipality of Bad Oeynhausen also decided to renovate [] with FRP Bridge Decking Planks. For this project, 904m2 of FRP Bridge Decking Planks were delivered, all fitted with non-slip and wear-resistant surfaces. The wooden bridge decking planks that had been in place for less than 20 years old had become unfit for use. In 2019, an area of 403m2 was mounted from above on Lelystad’s Woonhavenbrug. Thanks to the lightweight FRP Bridge Decking Planks and ease of assembly, crucial inland navigation could continue.

More about FRP Bridge Decking Planks and FRP Bridge Decking Elements

Each of our FRP Bridge Decking Planks features a TÜV-tested non-slip wear layer. We guarantee that our FRP Bridge Decking Planks can be safely taken into use immediately. In addition to the R12 and R13 evaluation groups of slip resistance, FRP planks also meet Class E of fire resistance (according to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 and ISO11925-2:2010).

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