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What is a wear-resistant surface?

A wear-resistant surface facilitates safe use of the surface, as well as protection of the underlying structure from wear and tear. Wear-resistant surfaces on FRP Bridge Decks are mad of, among other things, infill materials such as fire-dried sand, emery or porphyry. The size of these aggregated, fine, ferrous mineral grains varies between 0.7 and 3 mm, depending on the application. Together, the wear-resistant surface and granules act provide non-slip properties and facilitate safe use of the FRP Bridge Deck. Moreover, the wear-resistant surface also protects the underlying structure.

Applying the wear-resistant surface to FRP bridge deck

Applying the wear-resistant surface to an FRP Bridge Deck is done fully automatically and conditioned in our factory. Because we apply the wear-resistant surface in-house, it is possible for you, the customer, to put together the wear-resistant surface of your choice. In addition, we can perform this work in a in a short period of time. When composing your wear-resistant surface, you can choose from different colours and, depending on application, available grain sizes. This page lists some of our most popular wear-resistant surface combinations.

Intensive testing of wear-resistant surface for FRP Bridge Deck

We have developed the method we use to apply a wear-resistant surface on our FRP Bridge Deck in close cooperation with our supplier Resiplast. Based on intensive testing and decades of experience, this method guarantees reliable non-slip and long-life wear-resistant surfaces. As a manufacturer of FRP, we can, therefore, offer a multi-year warranty on our FRP Bridge Deck wear-resistant surfaces.

In case of unforeseen events and vandalism, our FRP Bridge Deck wear-resistant surfaces are easily repaired. For example, we have developed a method with which we can professionally repair damage almost invisibly.

More information about non-slip wear-resistant surfaces

In other words, clients can choose the composition of their wear-resistant surface, within the possibilities of their individual FRP Bridge Deck application. The composition is based on the choice of grain size on the one hand and the choice of colour on the other.

– Grain sizes vary between 0.7 to 3.0 mm
– The standard colours for grain sizes 1-3 mm are, grey, black, red or sand

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