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Technical properties krafton® 500.40 FRP Bridge Decking Plank

With its male-female system and the option for attachment in 12 different ways, the krafton® 500.40 is perfectly suited for creating an FRP bridge deck on any support structure. The krafton® 500.40 is the best-selling FRP bridge decking plank for pedestrian bridges with a standard load of 5kN.

Higher loads can also be achieved, but krafton® has developed other planks to that end.

Please refer to the graphs and tables shown below for a visual representation.

Geometric properties
Width (w)500 mm
Height (h)40 mm
Number of ribs (n)11 units
Distance between ribs (d)50 mm
Surface area (A)5,571 mm2
Shear surface (As)1,836 mm2
Moment of inertia (I)1,238,296 mm4
Section modulus (S)51,119 mm3
Plank weight (W)20 kg/m2
Mechanical properties
krafton® unit500.40
Elasticity modulus (Eb,kar)33.363 N/mm2
Bending stress (ðb,kar)431 N/mm2
Shear stress (tkar)44,9 N/mm2
Allowable transverse force due to point load on 100x100 (Dkar,100)36.542 N
Allowable transverse force due to point load on 200x200 (Dkar,200)90.289 N

Maximum span relative to deflection requirement

When a span is chosen in combination with a deflection requirement that is below the relevant lines in the graph, the krafton® 500.40 meets the requirements set for a bridge decking plank in accordance with the Dutch Building Decree for use as a cycle and pedestrian bridge deck. Depending on the deflection requirement, the krafton® 500.40 can handle almost any span and the maximum bending stress will not be reached. In other words, like all planks, krafton® 500.40 can also effortlessly form an FRP bridge deck with the required FRP planks load.

krafton® 500.40 bridge decking plank maximum span

Certifications and approvals of krafton® 500.40 FRP bridge decking plank

Like all krafton® FRP bridge decking planks, krafton® 500.40 has been extensively tested and certified by several nationally and internationally reputable institutes. These include the German railroads (Deutsche Bahn) and the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). You can find the various reports below.

Specification text krafton® 500.40


DIBt certifications for krafton® FRP Bridge Decking Elements


Mechanical properties krafton® 500.40 FRP Bridge Decking Plank

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