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Technical properties krafton® 500.35 FRP Bridge Decking Plank

A special plank in our wide range! With its 35 mm height, this is the least strong plank in our FRP plank collection. Nevertheless, it is highly suitable for boardwalks, decks, terraces and balconies. This plank is also often used for roof and wall construction purposes!
krafton® 500.35 may not be as strong as our other FRP bridge decking planks in terms of load, but on the other hand, it is ideal for use in places where you can be sure that no vehicles will drive across it.

Please refer to the graphs and tables shown below for a visual representation.

Geometric properties
Width (w)500 mm
Height (h)35 mm
Number of ribs (n)6 units
Distance between ribs (d)100 mm
Surface area (A)3,621 mm2
Shear surface (As)664 mm2
Moment of inertia (I)467.409 mm4
Section modulus (S)17,977 mm3
Plank weight (W)12,9 kg/m2
Mechanical properties
krafton® unit500.35
Elasticity modulus (Eb,kar)27.945 N/mm2
Bending stress (ðb,kar)375 N/mm2
Shear stress (tkar)53,7 N/mm2
Allowable transverse force due to point load on 100x100 (Dkar,100)12.768 N
Allowable transverse force due to point load on 200x200 (Dkar,200)21.343 N

Maximum span relative to deflection requirement

krafton® 500.35 is not used as a bridge deck as often as our other planks. Due to its low height of 35 mm and fewer support legs, this plank will deflect relatively more with a larger span, and as such will be quicker to reach maximum bending stress. This plank is ideally more suitable for decking, train platforms and, for example, roof structures where 2kN is a requirement.

krafton® 500.35 bridge decking plank maximum span

Certifications and approvals of the krafton® 500.35 FRP bridge decking plank

Like all krafton® FRP bridge decking planks, krafton® 500.35 has also been extensively tested and certified by several nationally and internationally reputable institutes, including the German railroads (Deutsche Bahn). You can find the various reports below.

Specification text krafton® 500.35


Mechanical properties krafton®
500.35 FRP Bridge Decking Plank

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