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krafton® 500.35 FRP Bridge Decking Plank

This is a very special model among FRP bridge decking planks. Rather than a bridge decking plank, it is, in fact, a platform plank. These panels are ideal for jetties, boardwalks, terraces and train station platforms. They are also suitable for use as a platform or loading bed in trailers and lorries.

FRP bridge decking elements of the krafton® 500.35 are the lightest in our range. Chemicals have virtually no effect on FRP bridge decks. As a result, this FRP bridge deck is also a popular choice in the petrochemical industry, as a roof or wall of cooling towers, for example.

krafton® 500.35 planks are laid with a male-female connection. As a result, the FRP bridge decking elements are arranged tightly against each other.
The panels can be mounted on support structures made of steel, plastic or wood. They are easy to install thanks to their light weight.


Technical information krafton® 500.35
Userefurbishment and new construction
Effective dimensions500x35mm
Evenly distributed load5kN/m2 (500 kg per m2)
Point load5 kN (500 kg) on 100x100mm
Suitable for service vehicles2 tons (2,000 kg)
Maximum span width for vehicles640mm
Mounting on support structuresteel, composite and wood
Installationeasy and rapid
Non-slip coatingTÜV-certified non-slip coating (R12-R13) with grain sizes from 0.7 to 3 mm
Certifications of this FRP Bridge Decking Plank

The krafton® 500.35 FRP bridge decking plank has also been tested according to the Building Decree, NEN-EN 1991-2NB and Eurocode. In addition, this plank has EBA approval.

  • For refurbishment and new construction
  • Effective dimensions: 500x35mm
  • Evenly distributed load of 5kN/m2 (500 kg per m2)
  • Point load of 5 kN (500 kg) on 100x100mm.
  • Suitable for mounting on steel, plastic or wooden support structures
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • TÜV-certified non-slip coating (R12-R13) with grain sizes from 0.7 to 3 mm
  • krafton® 500.35 decking planks, cut to size
  • TÜV-certified non-slip coating of your choice
  • Mounting kit
  • EPDM rubber protector

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