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 Introduction and customer-specific information

During the intake we get acquainted and discuss your wishes, and the situation. We hear from you whether the FRP Bridge Deck is intended as a replacement and whether it will be placed on an existing structure, or if a completely new structure is required. In addition, we will want to know how and by whom the bridge deck will be used. Will the FRP Bridge deck be used only by pedestrians and cyclists, or will vehicles also be using it? Based on this information, we discuss the technical possibilities and estimate the feasibility and investment costs. Together we explore whether the requirements are realistic and if the strong properties of the FRP Bridge Deck give rise to expanding your wish list.

 Quote and sample

Tailor-made FRP Bridge Deck

After the intake, we will get to work on a preliminary quote. The requirements and minimum load availability of the bridge deck will determine our tailor-made quote. In addition to the type of use and type of non-slip and wear-resistant surface, we also examine whether the bridge deck is part of a main route. It is important to bear in mind that main routes, such as central cycle and walking routes in residential areas, are part of municipal gritting routes. Needless to say, an FRP Bridge Deck must be able to manage the load of these gritting vehicles. This is how we go about delivering a sustainable tailor-made bridge for every assignment, with the help of our range of FRP Bridge Decking Planks.

Production process

Tailor-made production of FRP Bridge Decking

Once you have approved the quote, we start production. Our standard delivery time is 4 weeks.


Non-slip and wear-resistant surfaces

To facilitate safe use of the FRP Bridge Deck, our specialists apply the desired non-slip and wear-resistant surfaces to the FRP Bridge Decking Planks. These wear-resistant surface layers, consisting of grains ranging in size from 1 mm to 3 mm, have been intensively tested and, thanks to their careful construction, guarantee long-term and safe use within the intended conditions. You can select your preferred wear-resistant surface from our wide range, under advice. You can choose from grain sizes and standard colours: grey, black, red or sand. In addition to ensuring safe use, the wear-resistant surface also protects the underlying structure.

 Testing and checks

Quality assessment

The entire surface is always assessed using our own certified testing and inspection procedures. We do this with adhesion testing by our own adhesion testing equipment. These checks are randomly monitored and recorded by our own back office.


Assembly and assistance

For a tailor-made attachment of the sustainable bridge deck to the substructure, krafton® has developed 12 unique assembly methods. These attachment methods are all certified. For example, we have assembly methods for fixing elements to steel or wood, as well as for mounting bars made of wood or PE. This assembly is performed by the client. In practice, this means that a contractor or your own in-house department will perform the assembly. Assembly is fairly easy, but we also send along a comprehensive assembly manual to support you. In addition, our will specialists help with the start-up of the assembly and remain available for advice and assistance, for example, what type of tools are best to use. It is useful to get krafton® at the time of assembly for large projects.

More about FRP Bridge Decking Planks and FRP Bridge Decking Elements

Each of our FRP Bridge Decking Planks features a TÜV-tested non-slip wear layer. We guarantee that our FRP Bridge Decking Planks can be safely taken into use immediately. In addition to the R12 and R13 evaluation groups of slip resistance, FRP planks also meet Class E of fire resistance (according to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 and ISO11925-2:2010).

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