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FRP Bridge Deck by krafton® is environmentally friendly. But what does this term ‘environmentally friendly’, which is used so often, really mean? And what makes an FRP Bridge Deck environmentally friendly? Environmentally friendly means that a product is manufactured in a way that is better for the environment compared with other, harmful products. If something is environmentally friendly, it means it does not harm the climate and our environment. For example, an environmentally friendly production or working method uses renewable raw materials and consumes less energy. Environmentally friendly can also refer to the amount of waste or surplus relative to the alternatives. In addition, environmentally friendly may also refer to using (self-generated) green energy or recycled materials.

As we have mentioned, FRP Bridge Deck by krafton® is environmentally friendly. At krafton®, the environmentally friendly quality mark relates to the entire process, from production to installation. After all, in addition to energy-efficient production, krafton® also uses sustainable raw materials and produces FRP Bridge decks that, apart from having a very long service life, are also easy to transport, assemble, maintain and recycle. This combination results in an environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Deck that has a very long service life due to the sustainable manufacturing process, and is recycled at the end of its service life based on krafton®’s guaranteed return policy. With an environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Deck, polluting emissions during manufacturing, transportation and installation are all minimal compared with the processes for steel and concrete bridges.

 Further featured ‘Environmentally friendly’

An FRP Bridge Deck is a fine example of a sustainable bridge. In fact, a glass fibre-reinforced plastic bridge deck offers all tManufacturing environmentally friendly products does not pollute the environment, deplete natural resources or damage biodiversity. In other words, the carbon footprint of eco-friendly products is zero.

The 11 characteristics of environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Deck

  • An environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Deck is 100% recyclable
  • The production energy of glass fibre is 75% lower than that of steel
  • FRP Bridge Decking is 75% lighter than steel bridge decking
  • 50% less energy in transport and assembly of an FRP Bridge Deck, compared with steel and concrete bridge decks
  • Construction of a concrete bridge results in 100% more carbon dioxide emissions compared with construction of an environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Deck
  • Minimal emissions of harmful by-products during production of FRP Bridge Deck
  • Production of raw materials of FRP Bridge Deck has minimal negative impact 
  • No harmful preservatives or thermal processes in environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Deck
  • FRP waste can be used as high-grade fuel and raw material within cement industry
  • Our environmentally friendly bridge has a service life of 100 years
  • Environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Decking is low maintenance

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Environmentally friendly examples of our company

In addition to our self-sufficient sustainable manufacturing processes and FRP Bridge Decks that are easy to transport, assemble and maintain, krafton® created the guaranteed return policy several years ago. This guaranteed return policy is an excellent example of our efforts towards realising an environmentally friendly product. The guaranteed return policy involves clients returning (temporarily) used FRP Bridge Decks. This policy means we take the glass fibre-reinforced bridge decking planks back at our factory for after a temporary project is completed or when the FRP Bridge Deck has reached the end of its service life after about 100 years. Our guaranteed return policy contributes to the sustainability of assets and offers the opportunity to minimise the amount of surplus product after use. When the products arrive back, our specialists examine which FRP Bridge Decking Planks can be given a second life in another application without (major) repair works. Any FRP Bridge Decking Planks that are beyond repair are completely recycled and used in new applications.

More environmentally friendly thanks to recycling

Although our bridge decks are environmentally friendly and we facilitate recycling of our own products through returns, we are also constantly looking for recyclable polyester from other sectors. Indeed, krafton® is not afraid to invest in new innovative solutions to make production processes even more environmentally friendly. We are working hard, for example, on recycling discarded polyester applications.

Reducing emissions and making assets more sustainable

In addition to our efforts in the field of environmentally friendly business processes, legislation regarding emissions before, during and after production is also becoming increasingly stringent. It was decided in Climate Agreements that companies must reduce their emissions in the short term. Companies are also encouraged to invest in sustainable alternatives that will be used by future generations. krafton® has had no issues with this for years, since its emissions during production stay well below the maximum. On the contrary: we help clients minimise emissions during renovation or new construction with our environmentally friendly FRP Bridge Decks, and make assets more sustainable

More about FRP Bridge Decking Planks and FRP Bridge Decking Elements

Each of our FRP Bridge Decking Planks features a TÜV-tested non-slip wear layer. We guarantee that our FRP Bridge Decking Planks can be safely taken into use immediately. In addition to the R12 and R13 evaluation groups of slip resistance, FRP planks also meet Class E of fire resistance (according to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 and ISO11925-2:2010).

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