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FRP Bridge Deck Replacement Cycle Bridge and Pedestrian Bridge

The old pedestrian bridge, which was also used as a cycle bridge, near the “Englischen Garten” in Amberg was in dire need of replacement. Weather, age and heavy use had rendered the old bridge unsafe. With the installation of an FRP Bridge Deck, the city of Amberg opted for a sustainable replacement. Not only was the replacement FRP Bridge Deck mounted on the old steel structure; the bridge was also anchored into the ground. As such, the FRP Bridge Deck comfortably remains on the steel structure, even during high water and flooding. Moreover, the bridge is wider than the old bridge, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to pass each other safely.

Amberg renovation


Municipality of Amberg


Amberg, Duitsland


Plank 500.55



Amberg renovation

FRP Bridge Deck replacement, mounted on steel

Our FRP Bridge Decking Planks are attached to steel or wooden structures, using one of our 12 innovative assembly methods. It is possible to attach the FRP Bridge Decking Planks regardless of the shape or structure of the construction. This applies to new structures, as well as old structures that are still in good condition, for example, the FRP Bridge Deck replacement of the crossing in Amberg. In addition to durability, low production costs and a long service life, the different assembly options are important reasons for many clients to choose our FRP Bridge Decking Planks.

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